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Unblocking Web Sites with VIPRE Internet Security

Subscriber Kim Boudreau wrote to ask how to modify her VIPRE firewall to allow her to get to a blocked web site.

Hi Terry,

I have taken your advice and recently purchased and installed Vipre Internet Security 2012 on all of my home PC’s.

I think that Vipre is blocking my access to a web site that I need to pay my internet, cable and phone bill. (Cox Communications at and I can probably understand why.) I tried in Firefox and got "The connection to the server was reset".

I tried in Internet Explorer and got "could not open the page". Chrome did not allow me to open it either. I’m assuming it’s Vipre because other web sites are not blocked and I could get to it before I installed Vipre.

I disabled Vipre Active Protection and that didn’t work. Then I tried disabling Vipre’s Firewall and was then able to open the page, but I don’t want to have to do that every time I need to go there.

How do I get Vipre to allow me to access that site? I don’t understand all this web filtering stuff. I just want to go to and pay my bills.

Thanks in advance and I really enjoy your newsletters.

If VIPRE’s firewall is blocking the access to a web site, in this case, then it’s the web page blocking function that is blocking it. That’s part of the web filtering functions within the Firewall functionality of VIPRE Internet Security. These are usually triggered by observed or reported malware or deceptive content.

To set VIPRE to allow access to that web site:

  1. Open VIPRE (double-click on the desktop icon or the icon in the Windows Status Bar).
  2. Click on the Firewall tab
  3. Click the icon beside the word Settings, or click View Settings
  4. In the Web Filtering section, click on the button Bad Web Site Exceptions
  5. In the Bad Web Site Exceptions dialog box, click on Add…
  6. Add the URL ( or just (VIPRE will shorten the entry to “” if you enter the full URL)
  7. Click OK

If that doesn’t work, go to VIPRE’s support site ( and click on the Support tab. They provide good tech support for their products to their customers.

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