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Turn on Email Links in Outlook 2003 after Office 2003 Service Pack 2

Reader Grady wrote about Outlook 2003 changes:

The new service pack downloaded and installed…

  now I have to turn on links in my received mail/

Is there a patch to reverse this nuisance in Outlook 2003 ?


We’ve been helped again by Microsoft.  This change came as part of the Office 2003 Service Pack 2 fixes that were released recently. It is part of Outlook 2003’s “anti-phishing” efforts, and it was a good try.  As these fixes do all too often, it appears to be an “all or nothing” fix.

If you receive an email with links (such as this newsletter) and Outlook 2003 turns off the links, Outlook also displays an info bar just above the “From” address.  You can turn the links back to turn on the links in that individual email.

Even if you have Outlook 2003’s anti-spam function turned off, it still does it’s “suspicions email” evaluation — if it decides an email is suspicious, it would route the email to the Junk folder (if you have not turned off the anti-spam function) and inactivate the links in the email.

If you want to, you can turn off the “suspicious email” testing if you like. That way, none of the links will be deactivated.  Microsoft has a instructions on how to do this on its web site at


  1. Still doesn’t work; I unchecked that stupid ‘feature’ in Outlook 2003 and the links are STILL disabled. I hate updates!!!

  2. I have been plagued by the same problem. But I have become suspicious of the “turned off links”. It seems that virtually all of the links that have been “turned off”
    involve political emails critical of the Obama Administration! HMMM! No, I haven’t lost my marbles yet! I went back and rechecked these “suspicious links” and sure enough, vitually all of them involve political emails. Is this “anti-phishing” or “anti-Connservative electronic censorship” If there is not a method in this madness, why is it always political??? Someone needs to look into this and let us know the truth one way or the other. However, I don’t think I trust a company with liberal leanings to do it, certainly not the government, definitely not this “Justice” Department!

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