New Eudora OSE eMail Program Released

I got a surprise this week. I’d been keeping tabs on the new version of Eudora, which is based on the Thunderbird email program from the Mozilla Foundation along with the user interface from the Eudora program that I have used for years.

It just got released as Eudora OSE (Eudora Open Source Edition). I had tried one of the beta versions, but it was too early and it didn’t really do all the functions I needed. Or, if it did, I didn’t realize it during my limited testing.

This week, long-time subscriber Clif Sipe wrote to let me know that the new version had finally been released as Eudora OSE v1.0:

Hi Terry, have you tried this version yet?
I know you are a long-time Eudora fan.

NEW – Eudora OSE v1.0
via SnapFiles latest freeware additions and updates on 11/10/10

Eudora OSE is an open source email client that combines Mozilla's Thunderbird with code, features, and GUI elements from the classic Eudora email program. It offers the familiar Eudora interface….

That was all I needed. I immediately downloaded it and started the installation.

Installation was easy to do. However, my email folders are huge and I’ve got a lot of them. The process of importing my folders, filters and personalities (Eudora let’s you set up multiple email ID’s with each having its own SMTP and POP3/IMAP servers) took an extremely long time. Long enough that I let it run in background while I used Firefox to surf the web.

And run, and run, for a long time… Perhaps 30-45 minutes. However, it seems to have done a good job importing the settings.

The new Eudora OSE is not the old Eudora email program with updates, fixes and modifications. It is an entirely different program. It is based on the open-source Thunderbird email program from the Mozilla Foundation, with a new user interface (the Eudora user interface) applied over Thunderbird.

So, Eudora OSE has almost all the user interface functions of the Eudora that I’ve used for years, but with some neat new features, too. Some of these are probably customization updates to the Eudora interface. Many are undoubtedly driven by the structure of Thunderbird.

I’ve got almost all of my email functions working at this point. My multiple accounts work just fine.

The only real shortfall at this point, from my point of view, is that Eudora OSE is choking on the response from my secure POP3 email server (when I make a connection with SSL security). The old Eudora understood it just fine and it worked.

The error message looks like this:

As the result, this means that my email connection when I log into the mailserver for my mail is not encrypted. With the old Eudora, the user ID and password as well as all the inbound emails were encrypted between my computer and the mailserver.

Is that a big problem? Probably not. That’s the way almost everyone’s email works, as very few ISP’s offer SSL connections for either inbound or outbound email. Unlike a web browser’s secure HTTPS connection that protects your UserID, Password and data, email normally is not encrypted — which means all of that is sent "in the clear" and is subject to being sniffed by other users when you have an unencrypted wireless connection.

Remember, when you check your email at the coffee shop, etc., you normally don’t have to get and set an encryption password for your wireless connection — that means that your email user ID, password and all the email contents are going to be transmitted in the clear.

What’s my opinion on Eudora OSE?

I’m not quite ready to make the shift completely. But, since yesterday, I’ve used it exclusively. As a precaution, though, I have my email accounts in Eudora OSE set to "Leave messages on server." That way, they stay available until I download them later into my old Eudora installation.

In the worst case, I may run the new Eudora OSE on my desktop and run the old Eudora (with the working POP3 SSL connections) on my ultralight notebook.

How much does Eudora OSE cost? It’s FREE!

This article was written in 2010 – Eudora OSE does not appear to have been updated since then. It was based on a version of Thunderbird. In 2012, I recommend using Thunderbird instead of Eudora OSE.


  1. I’m very interested in setting up the new Eudora OSE. I do not currently have a local email program, and it’s been a few years since I used (and loved) Eudora.

    Could you at some point write instructions for pulling in the mail stored on gmail’s server with EOSE, along with retrieving new messages while leaving them on the server?

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. I keep my Eudora configuration and mail storage files on a separate data drive, not on the C drive under Programs or under Documents and Settings. This makes it easier for me to keep backups of my data current, since I can simply back up the separate data drive.

    One of my annoyances with other email clients has been a tendency not to let me do that. The configuration and mail files are usually required to live on the C drive, which is poor practice.

    Does Eudora OSE retain the old Eudora option to designate where this stuff will live?

    I have also heard that it is not as responsive as Eudora 7. Are you finding that too, or is it light enough on its feet?

    • Eudora OSE has been great. My problem above turned out to be that my mailserver supports SSL for SMTP, but not a secure authentication (wonder why?). With that solved, I can use my usual SMTP servers.

  3. Hey Terry,

    When you installed the new Eudora OSE did you still have ol Eudora 7.1 on your machine and did it install alongside this without problems?

    Many Thanks


    • Yes. I used the old version in parallel with Eudora OSE for about a week, then went to Eudora OSE as my only email program.

      In Windows 7, the new version installs into
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Eudora OSE\eudora.exe”
      with its data files in

      • with its data files in

        Thank you Terry. This was really helpful! I had been trying to backup my emails but couldn’t find the mail folder.


      • I have been using Eudora as long as I can remember and have been wondering when a new version would show up! You might say I am adicted to it.

        In all my years, I have been keeping my data files on my personal hard disk, for the reason stated by Bonnie, with the application itself at the usual place on drive C, and found a way to migrate my mailboxes from computer to computer.

        Would it be possible to do the same with Eudora OSE? I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit.

        On the other hand, would a new version of Eudora OSE be anticipated before too long, if you happen to know? In other words, is anyone minding the shop?

        Thank you kindly.


        • Andreas, I ran Eudora 7.x in parallel with Eudora OSE for several weeks under Windows 7 before switching completely to Eudora OSE. Just install to different folders.

          When I installed Eudora OSE, it imported the emails from the earlier Eudora into Eudora OSE.

          New version coming, when? I don’t know. I’m not involved in the development. I’d like to know, too.

          • Terry,

            I appreciate your imput. I will follow your example as soon as I get a break.

            I should mention that lately the old Eudora is experiencing some difficulty opening attachments once in a while.


      • Terry,

        Things are looking up and I might download EUDORA OSE in the next day or two. Can I select my data file on a separate disk drive, for example:


        or something like that?

        I will appreciate your response.


  4. I can find no way to create new mailboxes with Eudora OSE on a Mac. The old Eudora had a pull-down list of all my mailboxes and the choice “new”. But I cannot fine, amongst the menu items and the buttons and the online help, and way to make a new mailbox, say “family” or “banking” or “travel”. Surely there must be one, because I have seen a screen shot of a Windows version and it had such mailboxes.

    • The Mac version probably works similarly to the Windows version on this.

      On Windows, the route is:
      Tools > Account Settings…
      Click the button “Account Actions” and select “Add Mail Account…”


      • I think the original poster was asking how to create a new folder, not how to add a new account.

        I want to create a new subfolder and, as the person states, can’t find a way to do it. I’m using Eudora OSE 1.0 on Windows.

        I searched the help and couldn’t find anything.

        • To create a subfolder in Eudora OSE in Windows, click on the Local Folders tab. Then, right-click on the folder that you want to be its parent. In the popup context menu, select “New Subfolder…”

          Alternatively, and this should work for Mac users, left-click on the parent folder. Then, on the menu bar, select File > New > Folder…


  5. I just found the answer! You have to use File > New > Subfolder to create a new subfolder.

    That is, you can’t do it when you’re doing a transfer like you used to be able to do. Maybe they’ll add that feature later.

  6. How to set up multiple accounts in Eudora OSE on the same server? I have multiple gmail accounts. Also, where can I find how to set up filters explained. I’m having trouble on OSE. Thanks!

  7. Hi Terry,
    I just got a new laptop with windows 7 and I installed the new eudora ose. I’ve used eudora for years now, but of course the older versions.
    What I’m finding annoying is in the mailbox area there is the [gmail] that is italizied and it has the spam etc folders in it. It keeps trying to download my bazzillions of spams from gmail that I never look at. The old eudora didn’t download those.

    How do I make it stop downloading all those things I don’t want. I just want it to download my new emails. I don’t want the junk or spams or trash or sent or any of those other emails.

    I’m just not understanding this ose type of program I guess.
    Thanks Kim

    • Kim –

      Eudora user of over 20 years. Best e-mail client ever! Maybe best program too (altho Word definitely ranks)

      Best way I know not to download junk or spam is to simply right-click on the account in Local Folder, then click Subscribe. A list of all folders for that account appears. Clear the check box for the “Junk” and/or “Spam” folders and then “OK”.

      The “Junk” and/or “Spam” folders will no longer appear for this account and no e-mails associated with those folder will download. However, they will still exist on your ISP’s server and should be purged once in a while. . .

      – Charles

  8. I have just moved from XP to Win7 (64b, ultimate). Under XP was happily using two crucial programs: Eudora7 (registered) and RoboType3 (registered).

    Under Win7, Eudora7 works fine. However, RT3 will not work in Eudora7.

    So, I installed Eudora OSE and RoboType4. Both work fine: RT4 inserts text into Eudora OSE.

    However, unlike Eudora, Eudora OSE does not seem to allow me to install the data files in a drive and folder of my choice. It puts them in C. I use drive H for all my data, and need email files to be there, especially as I have 3 different Eudora directories (each corresponding to a different set of email addresses.

    My question: Is there any way:
    – either of getting RoboType 3 or 4 to work with the old Eudora?
    – or of being able to get Eudora OSE to use drives and directories of my choice?

    Thanks so much for any help that you can give. Best, david
    Pls also reply to crookall |at| gmail |dot| com

  9. Thanks for the info, Terry. Just getting set up in a move from XP to Windows 7 and I’m mulling whether to stay with Eudora OSE despite some dissapointments, or ditch it for webmail or Outlook.

    My absolute requirement if I’m to continue with Eudora OSE is a way to back up the email files and interpret them in something other than Eudora. Do you know what file format is used by Thunderbird, and how one can open the files in anything other than the email client?

    Other irritations, possible deal breakers are:
    1. No Pop 3 support and the fact that the complex mailserver settings Gmail requires (I use Gmail to route all my domain mail around Comcast, which is a horrible ISP for mail handling).
    2 No stationery.
    3. Can’t fiond any way to create a signature file.

    Anyone who has solutions on thise issues, please chime in.

  10. Hi

    I have a need to upgrade my parents’ computer and Eudora to a Windows 7 box and Eudora OSE respectively. Their email is from Bell sympatico.

    I installed Eudora OSE on the new machine and ran into the problems with SSL etc. that you seem to have encountered but reconfiguring didn’t help. Actually, I’m waiting for Bell to reset the password (which wasn’t what my Dad had a record of — part of Bell’s change in service a few years ago)

    To try to get around the configuration issue I went back to the old machine and did an install with a complete import of of the old Eudora settings and mailboxes.

    What this produced was a two headed monster — local email folders with an account corresponding to the working Eudora and another account associated with the old abandoned setup (pre etc.) and the non-local Inbox etc which to my mind seems to relate to an IMAP configuration. The “local” configuration receded into the background with a restart of the programme.

    Do you have any advice with respect to arriving at a POPish implementation of Eudora OSE using the local folders like a POP email client should?

    Or should I try to re-train my Aged Ps to use Thunderbird (if I can configure it!)??


  11. Hi

    I did before I posted.

    I guess, just don’t bother with Eudora OSE regardless, is your advice.

    OK. Thanks.

    • Since Eudora OSE is based on a version of Thunderbird that’s over a year old, and Thunderbird has had a lot of fixes since then, and the interfaces are very similar, I’d go straight to Thunderbird.

  12. Hi,
    I see advise above on how to create a new SUB-FOLDER in Eudora OSE.

    But I want to create a PARENT-FOLDER. I think I am not understading the new folder creation process correctly. Anybody…?

  13. Hi Terry, I am using the Eudora OSE 1.0 for over a 6 months now and did not encounter any issue until now. I updated my hotmail password today on the browser and then the problems started. First I was unable to send/receive any email. When I restarted eudora, the client asked me for password for incoming mail which i changed and clicked on the ‘remember password’ box. When i wanted to send an email, i was expecting another pop-up to appear so that I could change the password there too, but noting came up. I tried getting into the password tab in the security tab only to find that the incoming password has been changed but the outgoing smtp password was still the old one. I tried all ways to change the password but there seems to be no password management feature in eudora. I have tried to find a solution on google, but no one seems to have a solution. Do you?

    • Dennis,
      I hope you’ve solved the problem. I’m not using Eudora OSE now and never used Hotmail, so I can’t provide any help.

  14. I recently installed Eudora OSE on my PC with Windows 7 OS. So far so good.
    I have a mundane question. Do you know how to highlight text in an outgoing message, much like one does with a highlighter pen on paper text? I know it can be done in Windows Live Mail but I’m really getting hooked, once again, on Eudora which I used for years,



    • Vinny,
      Hopefully another reader can answer your question, as I have shifted to Thunderbird for my email client. I don’t have any computers running Eudora or Eudora OSE.

      Since Eudora OSE is built on Thunderbird, when I installed Thunderbird, it took over the files. For a while I kept Eudora OSE installed also, as they seemed to co-exist peacefully, but I finally decided that was pushing my luck.

      One thing to remember, if you send as plain text, any highlighting and fonts will be lost – you’ll have to send as HTML or RTF in order to keep the fonts and other decorations.


  15. Thanks Terry.

    No one has responded yet. I might like to give Thunderbird a try.

    Based on your experience would you recommend uninstalling Eudora OSE before installing Thunderbird?

    • I didn’t. I just installed Thunderbird – it found all the files and folders AND PROFILES without any problem.

      Of course, you might back up your Eudora OSE files and data, just in case.

      • Thanks much.

        I’ll give TB a try, though I feel like a traitor. I used Eudora for more years than I can remember.


  16. Terry, I’ve been using Eudora OSE on my laptop for several years. Now my laptop is dying of old age. How do I move my folders, etc. from Old Laptop to New Laptop? Old Laptop can’t even FIND *.mbx, *.toc, *.fol, etc.!

    • Well, I have good news and bad news. First, while the original Eudora used those file extensilns, the Eudora OSE doesn’t – it’s based on an early version of Thunderbird and uses Thunderbird’s storage scheme.

      The files and folders are a hidden directory. First, you have to tell Windows to display hidden files and folders.

      In Windows 7, they’re located in
      C:\Users\tas\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\pi7wnwre.default\Mail\Local Folders
      where “tas” is my user ID on the Windows 7 computer and “pi7wnwre.default” is the profile that Thunderbird created for me.

      I switched to Thunderbird over frustration with some issues in Eudora OSE and that it had never been updated.(as of the last time I checked).

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