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Mouse Wheel Doesn’t Work Correctly

Reader Joseph Baker wrote recently about some problems he was having with his scroll mouse:

Hi Terry,
   Not sure if you accept technical questions…seems like I did ask one before and you replied with a good answer. If you don’t do this I will certainly understand.

My question regards my mouse. I have a MS wireless optical mouse and for the most part it works well and I enjoy it. However, one problem I can’t resolve…the scroll wheel works fine but when the wheel is clicked or pushed down I am supposed to get the little auto scroll arrow on the right side of the screen and most of the time this does not work.

Every now and then it will suddenly work and then go away…for most of the time it simply does not work. I have checked the software and depressing the wheel is set to “auto-scroll.”

If you have any suggestions I would gladly like to hear them. Thanks in advance for your help.

J Baker

I see several problems. Most probably, your special software for the mouse is interfering with the auto-scrolling capabilities of the programs and those of Windows XP.

So, first, I’d suggest turning off that function in the mouse software.

A lot of software, and I really think it’s Windows XP, is built with autoscroll capabilities.

Word, Excel, IE, Firefox, Opera, and many other programs will scroll automatically if you press down on the button and let go.

As you note, you should get a little auto-scroll arrow– but, in my experience, it is right where I clicked the mouse wheel.

Note that I said “clicked the mouse wheel.” Don’t hold it down and don’t try to rotate it at that point. Rotating the wheel is a different function and not part of the auto-scroll. The auto-scroll moves up when you move the mouse pointer up the page — and down when you move it down.

Even though mice and keyboards sometimes come with special software and drivers, I don’t use them unless Windows (whichever version) doesn’t recognize the mouse/keyboard without it. In my experience, the special drivers & software often interfere with, or don’t work with, new programs that come out.

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