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Hiding the Firefox History and Bookmarks Sidebars


Subscriber Carol wrote to ask me about some strange behavior she was seeing in Firefox 3.0:

Dear Terry,

Is there anyway I can get rid of the irritating history memory (of favorites/bookmarks) at the right hand side of the address bar in the new firefox 3.0. I know I can do it via getting rid of temp files etc. but it is long winded and , I just don’t want to have a list keep popping up at the side, even if they are MY favorites in MY favorites/bookmarks….I would like to have the choice of whether I want to see them all the time or not.
regards carol

Fortunately, Firefox has several ways to turn on the display of the History list or the Bookmarks list in the Sidebar. The same methods let you hide or turn them off the Bookmarks list and the History list.

To display or hide the bookmarks list:

View > Sidebar > Bookmarks
or Control-B

To display or hide the history list:

View > Sidebar > History
or Control-H

I’m not why she’s seeing these "popping up" — they should only show up on request, or when the Firefox web browser is opened, if it was closed with the bookmarks or history showing.

There’s another way to show and hide the History and Bookmarks sidebars — you can add a one-click icon for Bookmarks and a similar icon for History to the Firefox icon bar.

Let’s see how to do that in the next article…HowTo: Adding Icons to the Firefox Icon Bar.

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