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Email Links Not Working in Outlook


Bob, a visitor to my web site, wrote me to ask:

I read your answer to your other member solving her similar problem with Outlook Express (clicking on links or url’s in email messages doesn’t work)

I have Internet Explorer 6 on my computer and prefer it to v.7 and Firefox (which I installed and removed- and that may be the problem?)

Anyway…I have Outlook 2007 on my computer and when I get a message with a link/url in it ­clicking on it doesn’t take me there- or anywhere.

I tried seeing if your solution about going into Internet Tools- options/Advanced would work but clicking on the “Restore Defaults button” doesn’t make any difference,

Is there a solution for Internet Explorer 6 & Outlook v.7



Even though Bob wrote me and provided an email address, he must have typo’ed the address — my response bounced with a "recipient unknown" error.

First, I urged Bob to subscribe to my weekly newsletter! I’ve got new computer tips each week, both in my weekly email newsletter and in my (different) weekly online newsletter. He can subscribe using the links in the web site header, or by using the subscription form on the Terry’s Computer Tips subscribe page.

Bob’s problem with Outlook is different that the Outlook Express problem that Maria had in my article Outlook Express Links Don’t Work. In the case of Outlook Express, the problem occurred when Internet Explorer 7 was installed.

With Outlook, he was helped (and all other Outlook 2003 users were helped) by one of the Microsoft Office Service Pack 2. This Service Pack disabled the links in emails.

Here’s the link to my article about the Outlook problem:Turn on Email Links in Outlook 2003 after Office 2003 Service Pack 2

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