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Creating Windows 7 Control Panel Shortcut Icons

Windows 7 Control Panel shortcut icons are easy to create.

I found that out today – and it’s a really cool trick with Windows 7.

I’ve been shifting between my HDMI speakers built into my monitor and Logitech Laptop H555 Headset quite often during the last week. But, getting the HDMI speakers to turn off has been something of a challenge.

I finally decided that the easiest way to do this was via the Control Panel’s Manage audio devices link, which is on Control Panel’s Hardware and Sound page, under the Sound heading. I kept changing the headset to be the default sound, then the HDMI connector, then the headset, then the HDMI, etc.

Then, I started wondering how I could switch more easily…

I opened the Hardware and Sound page of the Control Panel. Then, for some reason, I left-clicked on the Manage audio devices link and started dragging it. (don’t click and let the mouse button up, you click and hold the button down while you drag the mouse pointer)

As long as the mouse pointer was over the Control Panel window, the mouse pointer displayed the usual “you can’t do that here” circle with the horizontal line through it.

But, as soon as I dragged the mouse pointer off the Control Panel windows/dialog box, I got an image of an applicable icon and a tool-tip that said “Create link in Desktop.”

Wow – that wasn’t obvious, but I sure do like it. I probably won’t keep those links on the desktop all the time, but this is an easy thing to do when I’m working on configuration and want to jump back and forth between settings.


  1. I just LOVE finding the exact solution to my exact issue! Clearly explained and simpler than all get out – great post, big thanks!

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