Copying a Distribution List to Another Copy of Outlook

Longtime subscriber Don Musso wrote with a question about Outlook 2007 — which touches on one of the neat features of Outlook that many people don’t know, or at least don’t use frequently.

Don asked:

Terry, is there a way to copy a group email from the address in Microsoft outlook 2007 from one computer to another computer. I don’t want the whole address book just a group. Thanks

First, I wrote back to Don because his term wasn’t the same as Microsoft uses in Outlook, so I needed to make sure I knew what he was trying to do.

I asked if "group email" meant an email that was sent to a group of addresses, or if it meant a "distribution list," which is the term Outlook would use.

Personally, I’d think of the term "mailing list" or "group mailing list."

In Outlook, a distribution list is a single Contact which contains the email addresses of a number of people to whom you want to send the same email at the same time.

Don responded


I am talking about a distribution list. I know how to export and import the whole contact list but I just want to copy one distribution list from the contacts.


Copying a distribution list to a different computer can be done easily, but the first method that comes to mind is not particularly obvious.

First, let’s think about sending individual Contacts to someone else for their copy of Outlook. You can do this easily by creating a new email in Outlook and then dragging the individual Contact icon into the new email. That will make an email attachment out of the Contact.

Guess what? The same technique works with a distribution list!

Then, you can send the email to the other person, who can double-click on the attachment to install the Contact (or distribution list) into their copy of Contacts.

All you need is an email account that is accessible from the new computer.

As an alternative, you can use a flash drive. Drag and drop the distribution list icon into a folder on the flash drive.

Then, plug the flash drive into the other computer, open the folder where you stored the icon, and double-click on it.

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