Audio Books – OverDrive Can’t Find the MP3 Player

Reader Beverly also listens to audio books on her MP3 player. She has new problems loading the books, though, and wrote to ask for help…

Always looking forward to your next newsletter, thanks. I download audio books from my public library which uses Overdrive Media Console. Once downloaded you connect your MP3 player in USB port, click on Transfer in Overdrive Console and it puts book on MP3. I been doing this for a year and two months but 2 months ago it all of a sudden when I did this it said No portable player found. Also the book would go to Windows Media Player before. I have contacted Overdrive and they had me un-install Overdrive and re-install but won’t work. I am on HP with Vista Home premium, IE8. So I started process of elimination, tried downloading from my HP laptop Vista Home plus my HP XP Pro and they both worked beautifully. I know I could just forget this desktop and do it on other computers but prefer to do from here besides it is bugging me why this happened. Have any ideas?
Thanks again for great newsletters.

Many libraries use the Overdrive system to control their (and your) compliance with Digital Rights Management requirements of their licenses to circulate copyrighted ebooks.

Overdrive Media Console, the audio ebook program that is installed on your computer, is free for the user. There are verrsions for Windows and for Macintosh. On Windows, it requires the use of Windows Media Player 9 or later so that it has the Digital Rights Management (copy prevention) controls in place.

There’s a new version of Overdrive Media Cosole (v3.2) which adds compatibility with iPods and iPhones. That’s right — the most popular MP3 player of all time is finally supported by Overdrive! Accordinng to my library, most but not all, of the audio books are compatible with iPods. In order to use iPods or iTunes, you also have to have iTunes (duh!) and QuickTime.

Although I don’t use Overdrive, I suggested to Beverly to try the following process to solve her connection problem:

  1. Plug the MP3 player in.
  2. Go to Device Manager (wherever that is in Vista).
  3. See if it shows the MP3 player as being plugged in. If it shows anything about the MP3 player, right-click on that entry and select Remove or Uninstall.
  4. Reboot.
  5. Now try your Overdrive downloading to the MP3 player again.

I suspect that Windows has somehow gotten confused about her MP3 player — and basically needs to have the MP3 player purged from its memory and rebooted, so it can "find" the MP3 player again.

Bev wrote back to report that she still had problems:

This is what the Zen MX shows Terry even after following your e-mail. I
went to Device Manager, right clicked the Zen, uninstall, Windows
automatically made me reboot. Went to Library, downloaded a book, plugged
in Zen MX, opened Overdrive and clicked on Transfer and the attachment I am
sending is what it says. If you have any other ideas I will happily try
them but it is ok as well if you don’t as I can always use my other Vista
laptop. I truly appreciate your time and assistance though. I really
thought what you had me do would work though. Very strange for sure. Again
thank you Terry very much as I don’t know anyone who would take their
precious time out to assist people like you do. Have a great day. Bev

There’s another thought — Bev might try uninstalling Windows Media Player, rebooting, and reinstalling it. Windows Media Player is part of the mechanism that OverDrive is using for the connection, so if WMP doesn’t recogize the MP3 player, OverDrive won’t either.

Readers: Here’s your challenge! If you’re using OverDrive, or even if you’re not and have a idea, how can Bev get her main computer to recogize her MP3 player in Overdrive again?


  1. I had the same problem–my remedy was to go to settings, then info, then select auto USB, if that doesn’t work try manually one of the two USB modes. Hope this helps

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