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January 22, 2006

Volume 1, Number 32 — Sunday, January 22, 2006

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6.  Restoring Your Outlook Express Address Book

Last week, I wrote about backing up your Outlook Express Address Book. This week, let's look at restoring Outlook Express Address Book — it's a lot easier.

First, start Outlook Express. Once OE has completely started, click on the Addresses icon. I will assume that we're importing the Address Book into the Main Identity. If you have set up multiple identities in OE, then switch to the identity of your choice.

In the new "Address Book - Main Identity" window, click on File.

This will open a pull-down menu, where you will pick Import and the "Address Book..."

In the typical file-selection window, now labelled "Select Address Book File to Import from," move to the location where you have the backed-up Address Book. If this is on a CD or floppy drive, you may want to copy the files to your hard drive first.

Select the backup Address Book (it shows with an ending of .wab, if you have disabled "hide file extensions"), and click "Open."

Outlook Express will import the file and give you a confirmation.

Depending on your Outlook Express version (OE4, for example) you might not have exported a .WAB file. If so, you can File, Import "Other Address Book..."

Now, in the Address Book Import Tool, pick the type file.

This is probably going to be a "CSV" comma-separated-values file. Select "Text File (Comma Separated Values)" and click Import. Outlook Express will complete the import process.

If you exported individual .vcf "Business Cards" from your old Address Book, instead of a .wab Windows Address Book,you can drag-and-drop the .vcf Business Cards into your new Outlook Express Address Book. Open the Address Book and then drag one or more files onto the Address Book.

This step will be tedious, as OE will ask you if you want to modify or edit each record. So, if you can, you might want to go back and Export a .wab Address Book file. Importing it will be a lot easier.

7.  A Spot of Fun

I've run into a couple of fun sites this week.

First, Hallmark (the greeting card company) has a cute Macromedia Flash (.swf) animation called "Interview with an Honest Boss." It's something I might have expected on the Dilbert site (www.dilbert.com). http://www.hallmark.com/wcsstore/HallmarkStore/images/products/ecards/nfg1969.swf

The other one is a fun web game. There are a couple screens to set up the premise (you're bored, in a meeting) and start trying to throw balls of wadded paper into the garbage can. To make it more interesting, there is a varying cross-wind. http://www.widro.com/throwpaper.html

Check it out — my best score was 12. Your score resets to zero when (not if!) you miss.

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9.  Newsletter feedback: "three versions of Process Explorer"

In last week's newsletter, I wrote the article "A Better, and Free, Way to See What's Running" about the program Process Explorer.

Reader Tadej wrote with more information about the three versions (Win9x, WinNT/XP/2000, and Win64) versions of Process Explorer:

Hey Terry, this is yet another e-mail message from your newsletter's reader ...

In regard to your last newsletter (part 1): http://www.terryscomputertips.com/archives/newsletter_20060115.php, where you wrote:

SysInternals provides three versions of this neat freeware product. There is one for the Windows 9x series -- Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me. There is a second version for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 Server. And, finally, there is a 64-bit version for folks running the 64-bit Windows XP or 64-bit Windows 2003 Server.

I just wanted to notify you that the Process Explorer versions for Windows 9x series and Windows NT series are identical (i.e. the executables are identical); they are just available to download from two separate links for Mark to keep a "track" of the OS's usages.

P.S., I also hope that you've got my last feedback e-mail on one of your previous newsletters titled "/*Newsletter feedback: "Show all extensions" and K9 anti-spam software*/" ...

Ivan Tadej, Slovenija, Europe

Thanks, Tadej. Although I downloaded all threee, I hadn't tried to look at them to see how they differed. I assumed that they used specific capabilities of the three different types of Windows OS's.

Tadej's other emails will likely be in one or more future newsletters.

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Volume 1, Number 32 — Sunday, January 22, 2006
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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